Posted from CFB Esquimalt?

"Just a minute Chief, your posting message
is coming up on the system right now!"

It's official - "Your posting message has been confirmed". Once you hear those words you know there is no doubt, it is a fact, you and your family are moving from Victoria.

As a homeowner two of your biggest concerns will be, selling your existing home here in Victoria, and finding and buying a suitable home in your new base community. As a member of Canada's Armed Forces experience will have taught you that no matter what your trade, you know that serving your country is a full time job, so is selling your home.

Experience will also have taught you that if you need something done and you want it done right, hire a professional. Since 1987 I have specialized in serving the real estate needs of the military members and their families who are located in the Greater Victoria area.

As a member of a nation wide military relocation network and approved DND IRP supplier with 30 years of experience in all types of residential home sales, I would welcome the opportunity to be of service to you and your family. So if you find yourself posted and on the move, please contact me today by email at or text me directly at 250-888-0200.



 "I take it son, this is your first time slinging a helicopter?" 

One of the major advantages of being a member of a nation wide military relocation network is that I can provide military members currently serving at CFB Esquimalt with a free relocation kit on any base community that they may be posted to in Canada.

This kit would provide you and your family with area links to local web sites for such things as shops, services, schools, as well as listings of homes currently for sale in your price range. 

This information is free and it is as near as your computer or your phone. So if you expect to be on the move in the near future then please contact me today at or page me directly at 250-744-3301. - you will be glad you did.

Peter Lindsay
Successfully serving Greater Victoria's military families since 1987.